Getting Your Child Started in Motocross

Whether you grew up riding dirt bikes yourself or are just looking for a fun family hobby, getting your child into racing motocross can be an incredible experience. It can also be very daunting and expensive, but don’t fret! This guide aims to give you everything you need to know and more.

Why Motocross

You may have already decided to get into motocross and are just looking to jump right in. If that’s you, then feel free to skip ahead. If you are still on the fence about why you should introduce the sport to your child when there are so many other safer alternatives, this section is for you. We would like to take a moment to talk about some of the benefits to be had from introducing your child to motocross.

Grit, Determination, and the Feeling of Accomplishment

Motocross isn’t easy. It is physically and mentally demanding and there are big consequences for mistakes. This is a good thing. Your child will struggle at times and become incredibly frustrated with it all. Then it will click. Once it does, you will see the overwhelming joy come over their face. They accomplished what they once thought impossible. You will begin to see this grit and determination show up in other parts of your child’s life. Suddenly, when an obstacle blocks their path, they won’t give up and walk away, they’ll find a way to get over it. This feeling of accomplishment will build their self-confidence and inspire them to continue pushing themselves in all aspects of their lives.

Quality Time Together as a Family

Motocross with your child can be a family activity. Frequently. the dad will take on the role of the bike mechanic and the mother takes on the role of the manager. Most races will require traveling to get there and this provides a great opportunity to spend time with the people you love and share unique experiences. Doing these things together as a family will give your racer memories they will cherish forever.

Meet Great Friends Along the Way

You will also meet some great people along the way. Every one of the racing parents knows the struggle. They’ve all had a part break or something else go wrong on race day. Nowhere else have I seen people so quickly give a stranger a spare part just so their kid can get back to riding before the gate drops. As you go to more and more races, you will notice you see many of the same faces. Before you know it, it’s almost as if you are part of one big motocross family.

Life Experience

In addition, riding motocross can be an incredible life experience. Traveling around the country and watching your young rider grow and mature is really something special. That’s what we’re really after. In the end, it’s not about the trophies or the amount of number 1 plates our racer can collect. Seeing that look of satisfaction as our rider comes across the finish line is one of the greatest things we will experience as a parent. These experiences will fill them with confidence that will carry over in all aspects of their lives. Your rider will always remember the weekends he or she spent at the racetrack with the family. Even after all the injuries and spending every penny to race, I’ve never known anybody to look back and regret one bit of it. So, with that said, let’s start with the most important part of racing, staying safe.

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